Marketing, what Marketing?

It must be tough for those working in BBC Local Radio. Everyday, they look out of their window to see millions being spent by their bosses promoting everything else, except them. The latest promotion for BBC Sounds is just another example. Certainly, In Leeds this past week, I lost count of the number of buses promoting the new service.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s important to promote a new idea, but it’s equally important to promote what you already have. Greg James was everywhere when he moved to breakfast, some of them on giant posters. BBC Sounds are not just across outdoor, but also in magazines, newspapers and more. Imagine how much the national stations will be spending in January!

Local Radio, however, which has new schedules and presenters to promote, does not get a penny and it’s been like this for years.

Granted, the network has had a few problems. The Times, no less, highlighted their significant audience loss in an article just this past week, but the poor stations should not detract from those doing it well. When you have 39 in your stable, they will always fall somewhere between the poor, average and the good but there is a new management team in place now so let’s give them a chance to get it right. The message though is that the good ones should have marketing money and be used, locally.

We all know what Tesco sells, but they never stop reminding you. Radio is no different.

The more the BBC refuse to promote good local radio stations, the more the staff within them will continue to feel unloved.

john myers