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Over three decades I've done it all from presenting the show to running the company and loved every minute of it. I launched, managed, presented, owned or led some of the best-known radio brands in the UK with much of my success coming from hard work, passion for the medium and a strong vision for the future. 

My real secret was to hire people better than me and as soon as I was able, got out of their way. We challenged the status quo so trust was vital, asking our team to take risks, allowing failure to happen without blame and this, together with a tremendous team spirit, drove us forward.  As my closest friend would say: Winning is addictive!    

If we did one thing particularly well, I would say we never forgot the golden rule that the magic of radio happens between the songs. Music has an important part to play of course, increasingly so, but this is also a medium that comes alive when graced with gifted communicators and engaging personalities. You have to seek out those who can make a difference 

As you might expect, it's been a roller-coaster life, and luckily I've managed to write it all down in a book that highlights the people, places, stunts, deals, and disasters that made it a story worth telling. All proceeds go to charity, including our own Radio Academy.   Click the link above.  

I work with a range of clients from standalone operators to large corporates, and while no one has the monopoly of always being right, the experience of having 'been there and done that' often helps to avoid errors and perhaps, even give you an edge. If you think I can help or just want a chat, feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, have a look around the site, read a few blogs, catch up on my other interests or browse my career to date. Enjoy! 


"Probably the most important figure in British commercial radio since Marconi, who else comes close? I'm not sure anyone else will have an adventure like this again."

— Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

"One of Britain's shrewdest broadcasting brains."

— Peter Preston, Guardian.

"Outstanding report, the most comprehensive reviews of radio services we have ever received."

— Isle of Man, Tynwald Government